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What does a watch say about a person?

Posted by Hermany Biser on

Gone are the days when watches were exclusively used as timers. A watch, in the present age, is what separates boys from men, girls from ladies. We can tell a lot about someone from the kind of watch they are wearing. A watch reveals the innermost mystery of man; from his/her suavity, style, personality, class, taste-or lack of it. People have a knack for changing their things from shoes, suit, dress or ties, but one thing stays-the watch. A watch is an instant pointer to a man’s true identity. In order to reveal what you project by the watch you wear, we will go through a couple of world famous brands.

Rolex watch:

Rolex is the king of all watches. Rolex speaks of class, suavity and of being urbane. Wearing a Rolex watch is the utmost expression of masculinity and a person who adorns one should be considered as such. However, the fact that a Rolex is associated with affluence makes it an expression of show-off, that is, for people who and throw it in everyone’s face. For a Rolex person, the personality attached to wearing one solely depends on how you present it, either an expression of masculinity and class or simply a show-off.


A Casio tells us two things about someone. First, there is the group who adorn a strain of its pathfinders. This group of guys is an active lot that love it outdoors and hence need an accessory to get the job done. The second lot adorns that same pathfinder coupled with a shirt and a tie. Well, these culprits simply don’t know how to dress.


This American kid who’s been around since when the devil was a teenager, is one fine piece art. Presently, Timex are mostly produced in Asia. A Timex watch says that you are someone searching in the annals of history for such treasure without going financially lame. It exhibits a person spinning in nostalgia, full of passion for where they are coming from, being capable of giving their all for what they had while keeping some for themselves.

Patek Philippe:

Patek Philippe says of a person: I do what, how and when I want. It is an expression of having your own mind-and means. A Patek Philippe wearer is all about power. They are the leaders, tycoons, industry captains, name it. This watch is a gateway to recognition and reverence.


Swatch screams hipster. This enigma of a watch qualifies it's wearer as a trendsetter or trend follower in fashion, suave and urbane. A swatch wearer definitely spends a lot of time in front of the mirror, mostly checking if that tight pant he's wearing is tight enough!


Tissot talks of someone who is not decided between investing in that vintage of a watch that would be a valuable inheritance for his son or taking his mother’s advice on how not to spend.

Definitely, a man puts thought into what watch he wears, or at times it’s a spontaneous instinct as per to his personality or taste and preferences. There you go, now you know who you are by what’s on your wrist.

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