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What watch should you pick?

Posted by Hermany Biser on

A watch forms a vital aspect of men's fashion. It represents an essential part of style among men. It is common to see men around with casual watches, and that just shows sloppiness in their sense of style. However, it is also important to note that shopping for a good watch is a tricky business, and some people find themselves confused when it comes to making a decision on the kind of watch they should buy. For instance, purchasing a sports watch to wear to the office is a bad idea. This is because of the fact people who are expected to be in office attire are also expected to have more sophisticated watches that go along with the official attire. When many people go shopping for a watch, they do not have any idea about the kind of watch to buy or what considerations to put in place before buying a watch. So, what watch should you pick? Here are several factors that you should consider before the purchasing a watch.


The first thing to consider when buying a watch is your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is diversified, it is advisable to have at least two different watches. One watch can be worn during work while the other can be worn during other non-official activities. For instance, wearing a watch that has night vision features, a compass, rubber strap, altitude calculator or has a digital display is the wrong watch to wear for any formal occasion. Such a watch is best suited for holiday events such as camping, hunting or mountain climbing.

Watch strap

Another important thing to consider when choosing a watch is the type of bracelet on the watch. It is always advisable to go for the watches with stainless steel bracelets. The steel bracelets are durable compared to rubber straps. Watches with steel straps also go well with casual wear as well as business suits. One can also opt for a gold bracelet only if you are serious about spending a lot of money on the watch.

Purpose of the watch

A good watch always speaks volumes about the person wearing the watch. Watches for men come in several styles and flavors. A watch does not just tell time; it may also contain other functionalities such as temperature, altitude, dates and even tidal cycles. So when choosing what watch you should pick, it is important to know why you really need that watch. Some watches can tell you the speed while you are driving. However, after buying that watch, you may come to find that you used that functionality a few times and then forgot all about it. In the end, you realize that you spent a lot of money, and all you are doing with the watch is just checking time. Therefore, be clear on why you need a particular watch.

The face

Another problem that men face when buying a watch is the face. When purchasing a watch, always ask yourself in advance the kind of face you want and why it is good for you. A big man wearing a watch with a small or standard face may look like he is wearing a ladies watch. Nowadays, watches with larger faces are more common, and watch makers have realized this. Therefore, it is advisable when you ask yourself what watch should you pick, consider a watch with a big face.

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