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Expensive wrist watches for men

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Long gone were the days when watches were primarily meant for telling time. In the current world, wrist watches are weigh more than just gadgets which can tell time. Wrist watches are a big part of fashion and greatly enhance a person’s aesthetic value. This is actually the only sense as to why some watches are more expensive than a Ferrari, such watches can give someone an identity. This article looks at such watches: the most expensive men’s watches.

Gruebel Forsey Invention piece 2 Quadruple Tourbillon

This the most expensive luxury watch in the word. It is sold at seven hundred and fifty thousand US dollars. The watch contains as much as four asynchronous tourbillons; really classic. The watch has an elegant and classic look and has its time accuracy greatly enhanced.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Tourbillon

A masterfully crafted wrist watch which every man who is elite would love to have on his wrist. The casing of the watch is made of blackened titanium and steel. The watch has tourbillon at the six o’clock arm. Watch also has a transversal cross dial that is made of carbon fiber. The strap of the watch is the choice of the buyer. They can choose between crocodile leather and black rubber. The watch is sold at three hundred and nineteen thousand US Dollars.

Roger Dubuis Millesime Double Flying Tourbillon

The watch is a great piece of art that was designed by Roger Dubuis. The watch has a double flying tourbillon which is meant to compensate for the effect of gravity on it. Apart from the aesthetics, the watch has a very accurate timepiece. The watch is sold at two hundred and sixty three thousand US Dollars.

Zenith Christopher Columbus

The watch has most of the features that luxury watches do have and a compass that is navigational at the six o’clock position. The compass is within a glass bubble. The watch is unique, classy and sleek with a very refreshing and inarguably innovative look. The watch is sold at two hundred and thirty thousand US Dollars.

Piaget Altaplano Caliber 1200 D

A watch that is loaded with valuable and historic gemstones. Has a complex mechanism of working while boasting gears of smallest size and a tourbillon with the smallest caliber. The internal structure of the watch is crafted with the most precious nonmetallic substance known to man – diamond. With all this features, the watch is sold at one hundred and fifty one thousand, nine hundred and ninety five US Dollars.

Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon

Cartier is a company that boasts of expert watchmakers who ensure that each of the chronographs they release are a real masterpiece. Astrotourbillon is no exception; the watch comes in a gold case that is white in color. The second’s hand of the watch is made of the finest materials ever. This golden watch is sold at one hundred and sixteen thousand, one hundred and ninety five US Dollars.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold

Hublot allow the buyer to come up with their own innovation and buy something which they took part in designing. Customer chooses the strap color, casing, the dial and strap material. Watch is sold at forty three thousand and six hundred US Dollars.

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