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Best ways to store your favorite watches

Posted by Hermany Biser on

As a six-year-old kid, I was fascinated by watches. Whenever I walked past a gentleman, the first thing I noticed was the timepiece on his wrist. In museums, my eyes searched for fob watches, those age-old timepieces that satisfied the watch lover inside me. At 16, I bought my first watch and I haven't looked back ever since. I choose my watches carefully -- I do not put my hands on all of them, but only the best of them. As a watch lover, the most important thing that I have learned through the years is: you must take very good care of your watches. These sleek timers do not like it when they are treated rough. 

The question is : How to safely store your watch?

There are many ways to do it. I store my watches in storage cases. Wives keep their expensive jewelry in boxes. Men should take a cue, and store their drool-worthy timepieces in storage boxes. From Walmart to Amazon, watch storage boxes are available everywhere. However, I will suggest buying from a watch store as they understand the nuances involved in watch making and watch storing. Or, you could even get one especially made for you. After all, your watches deserve some special attention and treatment.

Though I keep one of my watch storage cases on the dresser in my room, I keep the other one locked safe in my cupboard. Some of the watches you own are too expensive to be sitting out in the open. These little possessions need to be guarded with fierce attention. You don't want someone stealing them from your house. And, if you own a rather exquisite piece, I will even suggest keeping it locked in a bank locker and taking it out only on very special occasions.

Another convenient thing to do is to store your timepieces using a watch winder. When you have a diverse collection, chances are some watches get more love than the others. Just so your watches do not feel neglected, you should store them using a watch winder. A watch winder will keep your automatic watch working properly even when you don't wear it for days, thereby increasing its longevity. Though watch winders make expensive stuff, they also make exquisite platforms to display your watch collection.

Show your beloved timepieces the love and care they demand. After all, it took you a lifetime to get them all.

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