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Facts about Self Wind Watches

Posted by Hermany Biser on

A watch is a time piece that is normally worn on the wrist using straps. It is also used as a tool of fashion. For a watch to keep running, it requires energy. A self wind watch is a mechanical watch which automatically winds itself to generate enough energy to be able to run. This is achieved through a mechanism started by the motion of the one wearing. 

Here are answers on self wind watches-what they are and how they work:

The self wind watch is a unique invention. It is very different from the mechanical watches that require wounding for energy. For this great trait of been able to generate self energy, the watch has won itself the title AUTOMATIC watch. Those mechanical watches that need to be wound to produce energy are called manual watches. A knob on the case is used turned to generate energy.

The mechanism that keeps the watch energized is run by the arm movement. The watch has a heavy material that is largely affected by gravity. The piece moves the same way as the arm creating circular motions that winds the main spring. This internal spring thereafter turns the gears which eventually moves the hands of the watch. Different mechanisms have been employed for designs and brands but the underline is that the swinging of the arm helps to generate the power.

One good thing about the self wind is that it is able to store energy for a considerable time. once the mainspring is fully wound, the reserve is in a position to run the watch for two days. If need be, there is a provision for manual wind using a crown. This is only important when you will not be wearing the watch for some time. In other cases where you have limited time to put on the watch, it is good to wind manually to keep the watch running.

There is no doubt that the self wind watch is a great idea. It marks the evolving of watches even when they seem to be phased out. This kind of development helps keep the watch relevant. Whereas they can be used by people of all ages, I can highly recommend for those falling in the age gap of 45-65. It is easy to use and does not require to be wound now and then.

I can now confidently urge you to purchase a self wind watch. You now know what they are and their benefits. They are the most fashionable, unique, do not require winding, are long lasting and very affordable.

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