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Tips for new watch collectors

Posted by Hermany Biser on

When it comes to male fashion trends, a wrist watch is one of the few things a man shouldn’t be missing in his wardrobe. Just like the type of clothes you wear, the right or wrong type of watch can easily tell the world what type of a man you are. Before you start a watch collection, they’re a few tips you have to consider to ensure that you stay up to date with different trends. Below are some of the best tips you should consider as a wristwatch collector.

Watch Type

The type of watch highly depends with the age of the individual. For instance, the Omega Seamaster and Quartz watches are usually preferred by individuals above 45 due to the fact that they are highly dependable, highly accurate and easily meet the intended purpose. Most collectors usually prefer the mechanical type of watches. This can be attributed to the fact that, they come at prized prices and have a beautiful and a great engineering design.


Depending on the type of brand you buy, make sure it matches with the price. For instance, an old and vintage collection of the Omega brand can do well with a fair price. New brands such as Rolex can be a great venture for the high end type of customers. If you plan on getting a good mechanical wristwatch for just under $500, you should consider going for a Seiko brand.

Watch Movement

As simple as it may seem, many watch collectors are usually fascinated by the type of watch movement. The movement usually termed as “caliber” comes in two types namely automatic and manual. The manual caliber requires the user to manually turn the crown so as to wind the mainspring. On the other hand, the automatic caliber is usually turned by the wearer’s wrist.

Visit or Contact Watch Manufactures

The WorlWideWeb nowadays allows you to go through different websites and check out what they are offering. As a potential watch collector, you should first visit websites of companies such as Beckertime, and Watchery. These websites will provide you with the best information about the watch brands, the price and warranty offers. With this information in mind, you can then set your limits and consider which wristwatches you should get for yourself.

New Vs Vintage

Vintage is an excellent option for people above the ages of 45. This can be attributed to the fact that they can relate to the watch. A vintage watch should be in a position that it thrills you and goes hand in hand with the type of clothes you wear or your career type.

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