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Watch Water Resistant Levels

Posted by Hermany Biser on

When you make a decision to buy a watch, the most common feature that is often displayed on it is the water resistance level of the watch. The criteria in which watches are rated for water resistance is by putting the watch in a pressure chamber that is equivalent to a given depth under average water pressure. 

In the market almost all watches are marked water resistance. But if no depth rating is specified that is 50 meters, 100 meters or more, then they are not designed to be inserted in water at all. They may hold up under a number of conditions for some time when submerged in water but not for a long time as they will leak. Thus in order to say that a watch is water resistant you will have to check its specifications and be sure that it was tested in water conditions.

The water resistance levels for watches can be explained as follows:

– Water resistance

This means that the watch can withstand moisture from accidental splashing of water on it, when it gets rained on or even sweat. This means that the watch comes into contact with a little amount of water.

– Water resistant 30 meters

This type of watch can resist any degree of moisture and can be submerged in water for a while. But it should not be worn during swimming.

– Water resistant 50 meters

This watch will also withstand any amount of moisture no matter how high. It can also be worn during swimming but it should be in shallow depths of water.

– Water resistant 100 meters

This is the type of watch that can be worn during skin diving and swimming. This means that it can be submerged even in deep waters that are equal to the depth of a swimming pool.

– Water resistant 200 meters

This watch can be worn when going for just the normal scuba diving.

– Water resistant 1000 meters

This is the type of watch that can withstand any amount of water. It can be submerged for the longest period and can also be warn during deep sea diving.

At times the watch companies may use other terms to measure the resistance of water. These include:

– Bar where when calculated 1 bar is equivalent to ten meters

– A.T.M also known as atmosphere which when converted is equal to 10 meters.

The numbers above such as 30 and 50 refers to the amount of water pressure that the case can withhold and not the depth. This is because when a watch is worn under water, it is subjected to high pressure because of the movement of the wearer through the water.

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