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About us

A Company with a Class

Among merchants helplessly wedged between aiming for profits and aiming for customer satisfaction, we at "Balmer & Kalt", manage to do both, without compromising on neither. "Balmer & Kalt" is a prestigious watch and jewelry brand. Apart from serving locally, we also cater to public demands across widespread locations spanning the globe. Ever since our inception, we have been committed to retailing only quality accessories to grace your appearance like never before. While the whole world goes gaga over extravagance, we believe in simplicity and all our products are a testimony to the same.

Our Motto

We base our business on a simple motto - Quality. Elegance. Style. All our products are crafted to finesse and boast of pure mastery. It is their quality and unique detailing that sets them apart from the rest. We take utmost care to offer you the best of both worlds, i.e fashion and pricing. Having had a commendable experience in retailing so far, we have effective tricks up our sleeve to cater to your demands and even intuitively understand what product may suit which occasion.

None of our designs are gaudy to the eye, rather they all flaunt a very contemporary appeal. Whether it's a luxury watch, a premium leather watch or a funky sports watch, "Balmer & Kalt" is the ultimate destination to watch out for.

Wide Repertoire of Accessories

Our products may be as varied as apples are from oranges, but they all share one feature in common- premium quality. Crafted from genuine materials to the likes of leather, stainless steel and quartz, they come with a certain level of refinement that can only be paralleled with brands costing significantly more. Their beautiful case finishing and finely appointed dials speak of their top-notch quality. The durable casing of men's watches decisively asserts their masculinity. We offer a huge selection of men's watches, right from sports, waterproof and LED watches, to luxury watches. Therefore, you can count on us to take care of all your needs, right from the golf field to the boardroom.

Diversifying the range of products further are our mechanical watches that stand tall in the face of time and moisture. We are so dead sure of our product quality that we do not hesitate to offer a sizable warranty on our products. Indeed, with every purchase, you can be assured of timely help in the event of any issue. However, very few of our customers actually end up using this warranty, as they are all quite happy with their new accessory!

The extreme diversity in design enables people to choose from a delightful range of "Balmer & Kalt" watches for every activity and occasion. Yet despite the diversity in design, all our watches are united by quality. This is simply because we spare absolutely no expense in production and design.

Our Code of Conduct

We believe in conducting business in accordance with the latest codes and to meet this end, we undertake only best practices in production and retailing. Testimony to this is our commendable track record of 100% customer satisfaction. Whatever we do, we keep customers at the center stage. All our trade tricks have been devised to give you the best value for your hard-earned money. This is exactly why we maintain competitive pricing on our products and do not refrain from giving away watches at discounted deals every now and then.

Your satisfaction is of prime importance to us and we go to great lengths to ensure the same. Whether you wish for a casual watch or a more extravagant one, we have all the solutions in store for you.

Standard Policies

Our shipment and delivery system has been built to meet your needs in a timely manner. We offer delivery to widespread locales. Additionally, through our online portal, you can also track your orders over time. In case our product fails to meet your expectations post-delivery, you can always count on our return/refund policy to get you a decent value for your money. Although this doesn't happen a lot, we still maintain one.

Our customer support panel is extremely robust and available 24x7. Ever ready to help you with replies and pertinent details on your purchase, they are merely a call away.

We value your feedback and invite you to shoot us any questions that you may have regarding our products. We're hungry for constructive criticism as it will help us expand and become a #1 brand soon enough. Whenever you're in doubt and looking for some cool, casual or luxurious watches, visit the online shopping portal of "Balmer & Kalt".